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2019 Sporting Regulations  

Download the National Driver Rankings Regulations PDF


1.1 The purpose of the Competition is to find the fastest & most consistent driver(s) from all of the competitors taking part in 50+ MSA Approved National Championships in 2019 – based on qualifying and race lap times.

1.2 There are various prizes for the “National Driver Rankings”. These include a fully funded test drive in either GT or saloon machinery (depending on current racing experience) at the end of the 2019 race season, and various Insurance offers.
(Above to be confirmed)

1.3 The prizes will be awarded to the Top Three ranked drivers competing in one of the (50+) qualifying race series/Championships during the 2019 season – with the Test drive going to the winner. These Championships have been selected by Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance as eligible to compete and other Series/Championships are not included as part of the competition.

1.4 Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance is the only authority for awarding all ratings, and advising of updates and winners. The close date for scoring is 28th October 2019 and winners will be notified within a week of this date. Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance reserves the right to amend these regulations during the course of the racing season should it be deemed necessary to do so.

1.5 Prizes and awards for the winners will be advised by Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance in accordance with these Sporting Regulations:

1.5.1 Fully paid and organised test at a UK circuit after the season has ended. Mileage/time on track dependant on the car/team running the car.
1.5.2 Insurance included.
1.5.3 Travel, hotel rooms, expenses not included.
1.5.4 The prize(s) cannot be exchanged for cash or substituted in any way
1.5.5 Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance accepts no liability in respect of the satisfaction of future tax liabilities arising on the prize winners as a result of accepting the prizes.
1.5.6 Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance reserve the right to select the prize cars to be tested depending on the winner’s skills and speed, and their ability to handle the prize cars in a safe & appropriate manner.
1.5.7 Any disciplinary, eligibility or disqualifications that arise after the 28th October 2019 will not affect the final standings, but may affect if & when the prizes are distributed.

1.6 Drivers completing in the following Championships are eligible:

365 Hosts F1000 Championship (BRSCC)
Aim Technologies Bikesports Championship (750 Motor Club)
Alaco Motorsport Logistics Caterham 270R Championship (BRSCC)
Alfa Romeo Championship (BRSCC)
Avon Tyres National FF1600 Championship (BRSCC)
Avon Tyres Caterham 420R Championship (BRSCC)
Avon Tyres Caterham Roadsports Championship (BRSCC)
Carbon8 Hyundai Coupe Cup (BARC)
Caterham Graduates Championship Classic (BARC)
Caterham Graduates Championship Mega (BARC)
Caterham Graduates Championship Sigma/Sigma VCT/Sigmax VCT (BARC)
Caterham Graduates Championship Sigmax (BARC)
Civic Cup (BRSCC)
Classic Fuel Solutions MG Trophy Championship (BARC)
Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship (BARC)
Demon Tweeks/Yokohama Classic Stock Hatch (750 Motor Club)
Drayton Manor Park MG Metro Cup (MGCC)
Endurance Financial RGB Sports 1000 Championship (750 Motor Club)
Heritage Parts Centre Formula Vee (750 Motor Club)
Gala Performance Toyota MR2 Championship (750 Motor Club)
ITC Compliance Caterham 310R Championship (BRSCC)
ITC Compliance Caterham Supersport (BRSCC)
Kerax Hyperdrive ST-XR Challenge (BRSCC)
K-Tec Racing Clio 182 (750 Motor Club)
Kumho BMW Championship (BARC)
Lancaster Insurance MG Owners Club Championship (MGCC)
Lotus Cup UK (MSVR)
Lotus on Track Elise Trophy (MSVR)
Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford 1600 Championship (BARC)
Max5 Championship (BARC)
Mazda MX-5 Championship (BRSCC)
Mazda MX-5 Super Series (BRSCC)
Michelin Clio Cup Series (BARC)
Mighty Mini’s / Super Mighty Mini’s (BARC)
Milltek Sport VW Racing Cup (BRSCC)
Mini Championship (BRSCC)
Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup (BRSCC)
OSS Championship (BRSCC)
Peter Best Insurance MG Cup (MGCC)
Porsche Club Championship (PCGB)
Quaife Fiesta Championship (BRSCC)
Radical SR1 (MSVR)
Royal Purple Hot Hatch Championship (750 Motor Club)
Scrapco Metal Recycling Avon Tyres Intermarque Championship (BARC)
Smart 4Two Cup (BRSCC)
Sport 2000 Championship (SRCC)
Teekay Couplings MK2 Production Gti Championship (BRSCC)
Teekay Couplings MK5 Production GTi Series (BRSCC)
Tegiwa M3 Cup (750 Motor Club)
The College Motors MG Trophy Championship (MGCC)
Toyo Tires Porsche Championship (BRSCC)

Any name changes/sponsor amendments will be taken into account during the season.

1.7 The following Series/Championships will be excluded from the competition:

  • Any Series/Championship eligible for Sunoco Whelen Challenge / Sunoco 200 Challenge e.g. BGT/Radical etc
  • Other high profile Championships, not classed by Grove & Dean as ‘grass roots e.g. TOCA package, BGT & F3 package, TCR etc
  • Juniors Championships e.g. Ginetta/Fiesta’s
  • Multi driver Series / or where Series has the option for multi drivers e.g. Trackday Trophy
  • Events run as a Series e.g. CSCC events
  • Events run at a single venue/as Regional Championships e.g. Castle Combe / Knockhill Championships
  • Any Championship with less than x5 race weekends in a season e.g. Ginetta GRDC/Caterham Academy
  • Other Championships where class format doesn’t fit – too few runners in too many classes e.g. CNC Heads Sports/Saloons, Monoposto, CTCC. This ruling (in particular) will be continued to be reviewed at the start / during the season.
  • And finally, other Championships that were once included, but for whatever reason, don’t fit now – lack of runners / too big a speed differential between cars etc.

1.8 Rules / Scoring system

  • We will take lap times from (maximum) first qualifying session in a weekend
  • We will take lap times from (maximum) (first) two races in a weekend
  • Fastest lap in each session will be allocated a ‘score’ of 100%
  • Every other competitor’s lap times will be allocated a % against this best lap time – in exactly the same way as the 107% rule works in Formula 1
  • At the end of a race weekend (up to one qualifying session & two races), each driver will be allocated a % score for the weekend – the perfect score being 100% if a driver sets the fastest time in the qualifying sessions and races
  • There must be a minimum of 5 starters in the Class (at the beginning of the particular session) to be allocated a score. If below this number, then no score can be allocated for the purposes of the competition.
  • If a driver DNF’s in a race (must be a classified finisher), or fails to complete a lap in qualifying, then the 2nd slowest lap time from the session (for a car in the same class, that finishes/is classified) will be allocated – regardless of the reason for DNF and/or number of laps completed – unless their completed lap time is slower (this time will then be used).
  • A driver must start a minimum of 50% (rounded up) of all of a season’s track sessions to qualify for a prize/to be listed in the standings at the end of the season e.g. 7 double header weekends, plus 7 qualifying sessions = 21 times on track. Minimum to qualify would be 21 x 50% = 11 times on track (rounded up)
  • From 1st September onwards, drivers not completing in 50% of the races will have 100 added to their scores – which will be adjusted back if they do subsequently complete sufficient sessions.
  • Also from the 30th August, no new drivers will be added to the table – they will be deemed to be not able to complete sufficient races prior to the end of the season.
  • Drivers can have timings taken from any of the Championships listed as part of the competition e.g. they can record times from more than one Championship during the season
  • All timings to be taken from the TSL Timings system (or equivalent e.g. 750Motor Club events / www.theresultslive.co.uk) used live during the weekends
  • Therefore, UK rounds only to count
  • In the event of a tie/equal rating, then the tiebreaker will be (i) Number of competitors beaten (number taken at the start of the session) – this applies to only drivers with 100% (perfect score) ranking, (ii) Number of Poles, (iii) Number of Fastest Laps, and (iv) Number of Wins – in this order.

1.9 Scoring updates will be provided on a weekly basis through the Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance website, Social Media, and other motorsport publications/media

1.10 Comments made on Social Media outlets, such as Facebook & Twitter, must be made in the spirit of the Competition. At the end of the day, its free to be a part of, and most of all, we hope it’s fun to be involved in!

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